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Car wash, gas station proposed on former roadway purchased from Town

Posted July 9, 2018

The Biffis family's recent purchase of municipal public road leftover and declared surplus by the Town following realignment of 10 Sideroad at Hwy 89 is now part of their proposal to build a gas bar, tunnel car wash and convenience store with fast food service on the subject lands.

The real estate deal reportedly closed near the end of April at a cost of $300,000 for the approximate half acre strip.

On June 7, they submitted an application to rezone the westerly portion of the subject lands from Recreational Open Space and Agricultural A2 to Urban Highway Commercial Exception (UHC-16) to permit the commercial structures. On June 21, the application was deemed complete by the Town and the commenting period for the various agencies closes July 12.

It will eventually be brought to a Public Meeting, followed by a recommendation report to Council.

"This is not a part of Treetops per se, but it's across the road from Treetops development," Dino Biffis told Free Press Online via email. "Urban services anticipated. Need to work through the various approvals so timeline is (to be announced)."

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