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Simcoe County offers New Tecumseth first right of refusal on its Beeton property

Posted September 5, 2019

The remaining portion of Simcoe County's former roads work depot vacant lot at the corner of Main and Patterson Street in Beeton will be declared surplus and put up for sale.

A report to County councillors on next Tuesday's agenda notes New Tecumseth will be offered first right of refusal to purchase the site, previously severed to accommodate a paramedic station.

Simcoe County has owned the property in Beeton since 1947.

"The original parcel included a community well where local residents would gather and obtain their drinking water. There were two buildings on the site, the original garage building, which was built in the last 1930s, or early 40s and the second building which was built in the 1960s, with the materials dome added after that. The buildings reached their end of useful life and the County began planning for a new district garage in 2008. A new location was identified just west of the Town and construction of the new facility commenced in 2011 with operations commencing in 2013," according to the report. "In 2014 a portion of the site was severed by way of reference plan for the development of a Paramedic Station for the Beeton. The station opened in 2016. The remainder of the lands are vacant and serve no purpose for the County. County staff have received numerous enquiries as to whether or not those lands were to be used by the County or if they would be sold."

New Tecumseth would have 30 days to express and interest, and an additional 60 days to reach a deal. The County expects a "no flip" clause for 20 years.

If the Town is not interested, it would be listed on the open market. Any successful buyer would be required to clean up on-site contamination.

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