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Brookfield, Essa enter pre-servicing agreement for Baxter development

Posted September 4, 2019

Brookfield Homes will begin pre-servicing the first two phases of its 253 unit subdivision in Baxter, estimated to cost approximately $10 million, for installation of underground infrastructure.

The residential developer, which is shifting its local focus from the Treetops development in Alliston, to Baxter, is nearing completion of its earthworks.

In her report to Essa councillors, meeting for the first time since July 3, Aimee Powell, Manager of Planning notes, The Ministry of Environment has approved the internal subdivision works and stormwater pond outfall, and is anticipated to sign off on the sanitary sewage and stormwater works in the next few weeks.

"The Park can be developed once the storm servicing and storm sewer outfall are under
construction to provide an appropriate gravity outfall," according to Ms. Powell's report. "Works on Denney Drive are not being authorized at this time due to the proximity to the end of the construction season. Staff believes that it is not best to leave Denney Drive works unfinished over the winter."

Brookfield's Baxter subdivision will be serviced with water from the New Tecumseth pipeline, and will connect to the sewage plant in Angus.

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