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Essa looks to scale back watermain job in Angus

Posted May 14, 2018

Essa council is poised to break-up a watermain replacement project in Angus because as a single contract it's about $563,000 over budget, according to the tender package on Wednesday's night's agenda.

And the only funding set aside for it in the 2018 capital budget was the $845,250 grant received from the provincial government's Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.

The project involves replacing approximately two km of over 50-year-old watermains in the Robson Subdivision (Sandsprings Cres., Berwick Cres., Ashburton Cres., Larkdale Cres).

Darpak Inc was the lowest bidder at an overall cost of $1.4 million.

The recommendation to council is proceed with the portion on Sandsprings and Larkdale Cres whice was priced at $981,152.34 (plus H.S.T.). Additionally, the Ainley Group would handle inspection and contract administration at a cost of $57,845, and fund the shortfall of $193,747 from the water rate stabalization fund which contains $606,345 in the account.

"There have been two watermain breaks at Sandsprings Crescent and Vernon Street in recent years, which have been due to the deteroriation of the joints with PVC pipe and ductile iron pipe," according to the staff report. "Parts B and C can be completed in future years and budgeted for accordingly."

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