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Angus funeral home pitches 'Bio Cremation' in Essa

Posted May 16, 2017

Essa councillors will deal with a proposal tomorrow night that involves "Bio Cremation" a trademarked process that "replaces the use of flame with the utilization of water, blended with an alkali solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH)."

"The human body is placed into a pressurized stainless steel cremation chamber where water and alkali are automatically added and the temperature is raised to 350°F. Water, alkali, heat and pressure working in harmony are gently circulated over the body; causing a reaction that begins and completes the cremation process," according to the company's web site.

Approval is required by the Township because the remaining liquid would be discharged into the Angus sewage treatment plant.

"However, the effluent exceeds Essa's sanitary sewage discharge parameters in certain areas," according to the report to council by Colleen Healy, Manager of Planning, whose recommendation is in support with the condition council "consider pre-treatment versus exceptions."

Ms. Healy is recommending the Township seek "Confirmation from OCWA that the proposal is not likely to cause oil or grease clogging and the collection of a security deposit in the amount of $10,000 to be held for the first year of operation, to ensure such does not happen," she writes.

"If a problem  should occur, the security deposit could be used to help remedy the problem - the applicant will have to resolve the problem first, to the satisfaction of the Township, with the security only to be used as a fall-back; Satisfaction that there is not to be an odor issue stemming from the BC process; and That the applicant enter into an agreement with the Township that will set the flow, loading, BOD/COD, TSS over-strength surcharge rates and process sampling/monitoring requirements. The stipulations of this agreement should be protected with penalty clauses and with the option for Essa to refuse to continue to accept the BC effluent should the accepted criteria be exceeded on more than one occasion, and/or should there be found to be a problem with the operations of the Angus Sewage Treatment Plant."

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