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Township to move forward with 'full build of Concession Road 6'

Posted October 12, 2017

Adjala Tosorontio council has scheduled a special meeting tomorrow afternoon - its second of the day as its meeting also at 9 am - to award tender contracts for road construction on Conc. 6 Tosorontio leading into the location of the planned new sewage plant to service the Farsight subdivision in Everett, and culvert replacements on Conc. 3 Tosorontio, and the Catherine Street Culvert.

The report to council from Doug Sitland, Director of Infrastructure and Development, attached to the special meeting agenda, does not include the successful bidder, nor the price, but references a $1.5 million estimated cost for the Conc. 6 work, which will include traffic lights at the intersection with Cty Rd 5. The tenders closed Oct. 6. Mr. Sitland's report also notes that 100 per cent of the road and water works are DC eligible "or would be recoverable from the developer or individual lot owner."

The director's report notes originally the Township was going to build a gravel road access to the plant location, and $280,000 has been included in the capital budget.

"It became apparent that the scope of the "road works' were significantly more than simply a gravel access road. Several drainage issues were discovered and it was determined that the road and drainage works would have to be engineered and built to Township standards, incorporating some drainage improvements associated with the future development," according to Mr. Sitland. "As Council is aware, there are on-going Operations and Maintenance (O&M) issues with the existing New Horizons WWTP. While temporary/short term fixes have been made, significant improvements are required. The Ontario Clean Water Association (OCWA) has indicated that the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) is not an appropriate treatment option for the subdivision. As a result, the existing WWTP generally cannot meet the treatment requirements. OCWA is in the process of conducting a Facility Optimization review for the New Horizons WWTP, but it will not be available until January 2018. It is expected to find significant design and O&M issues with the existing plant indicating that the plant is not sustainable to operate and meet the discharge criteria."

The developer plans to begin construction of the new WWTP in the spring of 2018. The proposed plant needs a minimum flow of least 60 hook-ups, meaning that occupancy of new homes would not be available until at least 60 were built.

"All of these factors combined lead the Township and the Developer to conclude that the full build of Concession Road 6, along with a watermain and forcemain would be prudent."

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