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Tosorontio bridge replacement tops capital projects list

Posted October 11, 2017

Adjala Tosorontio's 2018 draft capital budget proposes $3.8 million worth of projects, of which $2.25 million is to replace Bridge 12 on Conc. 2, north of 5 Sideroad in Tosorontio.

The Township has a $1.86 million grant for the work, which is being accelerated because of its deterioration, and a caution that further delays could result in its closure, cutting off access on Conc. 2 over the Boyne River. The shortfall is listed in the "other" category which could involve a long term debenture.

There is $394,000 in road projects including $143,000 for 4.3 km of surface treatment on Conc. 4 in Adjala from just south of 30 SR to the bridge near Small Lane; and $119,000 for micro surfacing on Conc. 4 Tosorontio between Hwy 89 and 5 SR.

Equipment reserves will be tapped for $402,000 to purchase a loader, backhoe, and regular cab pick-up.

The process to commence construction of a new public works facility in Everett has a $200,000 budget that will come from reserves. A location has not been confirmed yet, but it's estimated to cost $3.5 million beginning in 2019.

"A new facility is required for several reasons," including, "increased efficiency, poor condition of facility in Everett, requirement for a new fire hall in Everett, development in Everett," according to the budget sheet.

Overall, the capital program will require $253,416 to be raised by taxation, which represents about five per cent of the tax impact. DCs will provide $151,584, gas tax grant, $394,000, and long term debt, $573,500.

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